One of the biggest challenges we face today is how and where we work. In the past, the pace of business has generally been slower. Data was parked in company-owned data centers. Computers were something we used mainly at work, and work was only done from the office. Decisions were made during certain business hours. Our culture revolved around what the individual achieved. Today the situation is very different, and technology makes the difference possible. Workers' expectations have changed: Keyword being collaboration.

Collaboration means "working together as a team", a topic that is increasingly becoming a core issue in companies, especially in times of crisis, on the road, or in the home office. With this, the need for employees to have modern workplaces and work processes as well as modern instruments to be able to work together efficiently is increasing. Born from history, however, many companies have a wide range of applications to cover sub-areas of collaboration (such as WhatsApp, Zoom, or Dropbox), but rarely solutions that fully support collaboration from virtually anywhere in the company, in a team. In this case, one speaks of "shadow IT".

For this reason, Microsoft was prompted many years ago to provide its customers with a tool that meets the need for collaboration. Office 365 (or new Microsoft 365) is no longer the traditional Office package on the client, which is used in many companies, but it is a collaboration solution, with which smooth cooperation of the employees in your company, with your business partners and external employees seamlessly, worldwide and at any time. Thereby the employee is free in the choice of his work equipment. Whether clients, laptops, or mobile devices, all devices can be centrally managed independently of each other. Your employees can easily participate in online meetings, share files, and work together in real-time.

Microsoft Teams, a fairly new collaboration application in Office/Microsoft 365, offers your employees the perfect solution to be able to collaborate with all colleagues and partners. 

We are happy to help you to promote collaboration in your company and make it fit for the future. Contact us!

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