Inventory & Licensing


Do you know which software is installed on which hardware? What can a user install on his clients? Which decommissioned systems simply continue to be operated? How many mobile devices are used? Does your company provide virtual machines or services? Is all this hardware and software up to date?
A complete inventory creates a platform to keep the company up to date and secure in the future with appropriate hardware and license management platforms.
Do you know on which workstations which software is used or whether a user has installed additional applications on his client? Are there decommissioned systems that continue to operate despite the new solutions made available? Are mobile devices used in your company? What knowledge do you have about printers? Are there virtualization solutions or services? Who can access it and how? What hardware is behind it and was everything properly licensed?
Many pitfalls that can quickly lead to cost traps in heterogeneous environments or, more serious, tie up too much capital through over-licensing.
The possibilities of hardware and software used are almost endless and therefore it is not surprising that the complete inventory of the entire IT infrastructure has not yet been realized in most companies today. However, to ensure the best possible security for systems and compliance and a balanced cost-benefit ratio, this is essential.
Therefore, do not wait until a manufacturer audit is performed or your company is completely or partially damaged by a security gap.


Are you aware that in most companies there is under- or over-licensing of the software used?
In more than 20 to 30 percent of companies worldwide, the IT department and management have no knowledge of the IT infrastructure, consisting of hardware and software. This results in a high security risk, in the form of security gaps and manufacturer audits. For several years, the latter has been used more and more by manufacturers.
Rarely, however, an inventory in the conventional sense, cannot offer legal certainty by automatic recording.
This is usually due to a variety of reasons. In order to achieve almost 100 percent security in this case, only a combined solution of automatic recording with agents at different intervals and additional personnel recording of various factors is practicable.
For example, we work with a reliable partner who evaluates the data determined in an anonymized form and can identify under- and over-licensing.

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