On-Premises & Cloud

E-mails, important in every company! On-premises or cloud? Which solution is right for your business?
When migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2016/19, the question always arises which of the solutions offered by Microsoft, on-premises (own server or Office 365 as cloud solution) is suitable for the company. Basically there is no generally valid answer to this question.
For this it is necessary to consider the current demand, the existing Exchange servers as well as future aspects (company growth, additional demand for software, flexibility in licensing) of the next 2 to 3 years.
It is about aspects of security, data protection, availability and above all costs, current and future. Especially in today's world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to save further costs and work effectively. So it is already a difficult decision to acquire outdated servers with high capital commitment or to go into the cloud.
But even an on-premises solution has its advantages that a cloud solution in the area of Microsoft Exchange and Office can hardly offer.

Below we list some advantages of own Exchange Servers in the company:

  • The company retains full control of its hardware, software, and its data.
  • The company can freely determine the size of the mailboxes.
  • The size of the e-mails and their attachments can be freely determined.
  • The system administrators are free in their organization of system maintenance and updates.
  • The users have the full functionality of Microsoft Exchange 2016/19.
  • The access speed to data is usually faster.

Below we will show you some of the advantages of Office 365:

  • Protection of liquidity. No expensive purchases of hardware and software including licenses. Monthly billing of the resources actually used as a service. Transparent costs. Fully tax-deductible immediately.
  • Always up-to-date server and office versions (with appropriate licensing).
  • Office 365 can be used as a hybrid or as a cloud solution.
  • Easy, user-based licensing and customization. Very flexible.
  • Easy setup of new users.
  • Users can access their data from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
  • Teamwork is made easier.
  • 99.9% availability without high personnel costs. No need for backups. High availability.
  • Unlimited (24/7) technical support from us or Microsoft.
  • Suitable solutions for a variety of applications (SaaS, e.g. OneDrive, Skype for Business, or MS Teams).
  • Almost unlimited access via a variety of devices and types.
  • Data protection for all accounts guaranteed by Microsoft. 
  • The company's CO2 footprint is reduced by dispensing on its own servers.

Both solutions have their validity. Before you decide on a solution, you should weigh up all the positive and negative aspects of each solution for your company.

Due to its high availability, lower costs, and lower administration effort, Office 365 is finding more and more supporters in companies.

With us as a partner at your side, the decision-making process will not be a stumbling block. We are at your disposal at any time for further questions.
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