Below you will find an excerpt of our projects, the responsibilities within the projects and a short description.

MS Motorservice International GmbH / Rheinmetall

Project name:Various projects (VPN Russia/Turkey, relocation China, license research Rheinmetal, GWAN China/Europe, coordination of the development of the piston factory in the Czech Republic, introduction and coordination of the logistics center in Spain, France and China)
Responsibility:Head of Project, IT-Coordinator
Description:Planning, implementation and documentation of IT projects (national and international), control of external service providers in IT projects, creation of technical concepts and system documentation, creation of effort estimates for projects, planning and implementation of instructions and training for IT users, support and contact person for application users, management of several large projects in an international environment for the introduction of IT infrastructures, significant participation in the move of the Chinese subsidiary when moving to a new branch, planning and implementation of the reorganization of the company-wide network drive structure,Escalation management, preparation of project plans and project reports, elaboration/correction of cost centers with the controlling department, auditing of accounts, management and coordination of employees, reconciliation of project progress of the international branches of Rheinmetall, planning and implementation of new or existing infrastructure, domain migration of all Chinese branches. WOFEs, management of the relocation of KSPG House in China, coordination of the prio list for all projects between MS Motorservice and KSPG, license research for the Rheinmetall Group, member of the IT infrastructure expert group, introduction of FollowMe Print, various other ToDo's.

T-Systems Regional Services and Solutions GmbH / Special Services

Project name:MAN Ramp Down / consolidation project of the MAN data centers
Responsibility:Projekt Manager
Description:Preparation of project plans, ramp down termination and transfer of other IT, remaining processing of the transformations carried out, management and coordination of employees, disposal of identified systems, coordination of the complete dismantling / relocation and disposal of the systems including certified data deletion, consolidation / refresh of the remaining systems, physical relocation to the T-Systems data centers, cleanup of the infrastructure, comparison of the project process with MAN, planning of the new or existing infrastructure
Project name:Rightsizing Linde Data Center Munich
Responsibility:Projekt Manager
Description:Management and coordination of employees, Coordination of handover / decommisioning of the Network-, VMware-, TSM Backup environment, Planning and delivery of NetApp, analysis and coordination of service contracts, Transition SAN and NetApp Metrocluster, Cleanup of infrastructure, Handover of the systems to the customern, Termination of service contracts.
Project name:Rollout and implementation of 37 decentralized locations of Linde Gas AG and 4 locations Nordics AGA Gas
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Planning and execution of the rollout and implementation of Linde sites, coordination of hardware procurement, close customer contact through exchange of strategic solutions
Project name:Backup & Recovery / Desaster Recovery Linde Gas AG
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Creating a Disaster Recovery process concept, Coordination of the backup infrastructure for decentralized and centralized locations of the Linde Gas AG
Project name:Shell Task Force
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Set-up of international deployment processes for servers with process/partial and main elements, procurement / buffer stocking and delivery of HW national and international, interface synchronization of the process function, speed up server/HW delivery.
Project name:Coordination and management of the IT infrastructure for SIEMENS in Oman.
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Planning of the construction and commissioning of the IT infrastructure, Salalah and Muscat for the airports in Oman.
Project name:Escalation solution of 650 server in an Shell Data Centre/ Amsterdam
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Development of a server landscape of 650 servers in the Shell data center after a faulty rollout. Installation and configuration of the servers, management of an external service provider
Project name:Inventory of 60 locations of Linde Gas AG / Germany and ÄGA Gas / Sweden
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Inventory of the complete Linde Gas AG locations in Germany and AGA Gas in Sweden. The inventory was made due to the acquisition of AGA Gas to create a uniform IT landscape.
Project name:Bundeswehr fleet - Rollout of hardware (Thin Clients, Notebooks, VOIP phone, printer) at 155 locations in germany
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Planning and implementation of rollouts at 155 locations, Project meeting with the customer (Bundeswehr) to discuss the individual streams (provision of hardware, logistic, construction and commissioning of the HW), Control and planning the distribution of the new HW, decommissioning of the old systems, coordination schedule with the customer, creation of acceptance protocols for the technician.
Project name:DELL – ship to desk process
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Project meetings with the customer (DELL) and the logistic partner (LogIT) to discuss the individual streams (provision of hardware, logistic, construction and commissioning of the hw), control and planning the distribution of the new HW, design project plans to monitor the different streams, assetmanagement (connection of the supplied systems in SAP, asset report, ) independent planning and monitoring of the ressources, scheduling the technicians, construction, delivery and decommissioning of the old systems.

SONY Deutschland GmbH

Project name:SAP rollout of 1500 employees in Cologne
Responsibility:Project Manager
Description:Installation and configuration of the SAP clients, replacement of the old software structure, synchronization of the process flows, training of the employees.
Project name:Project planning and second level support (1500 user) for SONY Germany GmbH
Description:Installation, configuration and maintenance of the complete IT hardware, planning and implementation of external projects, restructuring the help desk, network conversion from Token Ring to Ethernet.

Gerresheimer AG, Düsseldorf

Project name:Lotus Notes to Exchange 2016/Microsoft 365/Azure AD Migration
Responsibility:Lead Cloud Solution Architect Microsoft 365
Description:Migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2016/Microsoft 365/Azure AD (approx. 4,000 mailboxes). Inventory analysis, planning, preparation and implementation (with Quest Migration Tools/ Quest Coexistence Manager for Notes). Documentation and preparation of project plans.

GES Systemhaus GmbH, Wiesbaden

Project name:Exchange 2010/2013 to Office 365/Azure AD Hybrid migration
Responsibility:Lead Cloud Solution Architect Office 365
Description:Migration from Exchange 2010/2013 to Office 365/Azure AD (Hybrid). Inventory analysis, planning, preparation and implementation. Documentation and preparation of project plans.

LEONI AG, Nürnberg

Project name:Level 3 Support for Exchange 2010, Good Secure EMM Suites, IronPort, Julia
Responsibility:Senior Consultant
Description:Managing Mail and MDM with over 80,000 mailboxes worldwide

BTC AG, Oldenburg

Project name:Proof of Concept
Responsibility:Senior Consultant, Management BES 12.6 / XenMobile 10.4
Description:Proof of Concept Mobile Device Management BlackBerry Enterprise Servive V.12.6 with Android AFW and Samsung Knox. Furthermore, Proof of Concept XenMobile V.10.4 with Android AFW. Documentations.

Circ IT, Düsseldorf

Project name:Migration from Lotus Notes (Dell MNE) to Exchange 2013 for the Funke Media Group (approx. 3000 mailboxes). In addition, support for in-house internal migration from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016.
Responsibility:Senior Consultant
Description:Monitoring of the provided data, including public folders, on the staging system and transfer to the target system. Resolution of all issues that occur. Design and setup of the Exchange 2016 structure and migration from Exchange 2010. Documentations.

Sartorius AG, Göttingen

Project name:Support L3 MDM / End Point Management
Responsibility:Senior Consultant, Management MobileIron (MDM)
Description:Support (Support L3) MDM / End Point Management with MobileIron (Cloud) conceptual design of the infrastructure, implementation of security requirements, system cleanup, rollout of devices worldwide, documentations.

Evonik Industries AG, Frankfurt

Project name:3. Level Support MDM
Responsibility:Senior Consultant, 3. Level Support
Description:3. Level Support in the field of MobileIron, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, iOS Devices and BB Devices with Lotus Notes.

City of Hanau, IT-Service-Center

Project name:Analysis of the existing Exchange 2010 infrastructure
Responsibility:Senior Consultant
Description:Analysis of the existing Exchange 2010 infrastructure for existing errors, together with suggestions for corrections. Action due to planning for migration to Exchange 2013.

Deutsche Telekom AG (P&I), Darmstadt

Project name:MS Exchange 2007/10/13 Migration
Responsibility:Consultant, planning, a technical feasibility check, server provision, and migration. 2nd level support.
Description:MS Exchange 2003/2007/10/13 migration of the Darmstadt location with T-Deutschland AG. Good knowledge and operational experience with Active Directory, MS Exchange 2007/10/13, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.4/10.2/12 (approx. 6000 mailboxes). Set-up of a fail-safe Cycos (Siemens) fax server solution and setup of new BlackBerry Enterprise Server Ver. 10.2/12 based on MS Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 R2. Development and deployment of a MobileIron Mobile Management Enterprise environment (incl. MS Sharepoint 2010/13) for the administration of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 Phone, and Windows 8 Notebooks. Migration of the existing AD servers to Windows Server 2012 including adaptation and restructuring of the OU's. Review of the current security guidelines. Establishment or adjustment of the multi-domain Kerberos authentication by creating new trust positions towards TSI. MS Exchange 2013 Migration Pilot (approx. 500 users) based on MS Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, Office 2013 and Office 365, MAC integration (AD/Exchange/VMWare) including BlackBerry, mobile devices and tablets (Windows8.1). Rollout since the beginning of July 2014. End of October 214 completed. Setup of a VMWare ESXi 5.1 (incl. Server Center)/HyperV test environment for Windows Server 2012, Windows 8/8.1, Exchange 2013, as well as Windows 2008 R2 with Exchange 2007 as a preparatory measure for migration. Development of a Citrix test environment for requirements testing with XenApp, XenDesktop Version 5/6.5, and AirWatch. The test environment was made productive with XenApp in connection with Juniper as access control.

NOB Deutschland GmbH

Project name:IT Onsite support
Description:Installation, configuration and maintenance of the complete IT hardware at the location in Hürth, planning and implementation of external projects

i&u Information und Unterhaltung TV Produktion GmbH & Co. KG, Köln

Project name:Explanation based on various examples of the uncertainty of individual WLAN networks
Description:The topic wardriving was shown by using various examples (BMW AG, Endemol GmbH, Cologne University Clinic, private individual) of the uncertainty of individual WLAN networks
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