Rheinmetall AG

Rheinmetall AG

Project name: Various projects (VPN Russia/Turkey, relocation China, license research Rheinmetall, GWAN China/Europe, coordination of the development of the piston factory in the Czech Republic, introduction and coordination of the logistics center in Spain, France, and China)
Responsibility: Head of Project, IT-Coordinator
Description: Escalation management, preparation of project plans and project reports, elaboration/correction of cost centers with the controlling department, auditing of accounts, management, and coordination of employees, reconciliation of project progress of the international branches of Rheinmetall, planning, and implementation of new or existing infrastructure, domain migration of all Chinese branches. WOFEs, management of the relocation of KSPG House in China, coordination of the prio list for all projects between MS Motorservice and KSPG, license research for the Rheinmetall Group, member of the IT infrastructure expert group, introduction of FollowMe Print, various other ToDo's.



May 20 2020


Project Management
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